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 Community Services

  • Allowances for disabled persons, elder's allowances handing over through the Grama Niladhari and Economic Development Officers.
  • Delivering medicines to the patients who receive medicines from the clinics of the hospital by the Grama Niladhari and the Economic Development Officers.
  • Proper distribution of dry food, vegetables and bakery products at divisional secretariat level.
  • Distributing dry ration bags in collaboration with businessmen and donaters in the area.
  • Providing essential awareness to the people of the division through the Grama Niladhari and the Economic Development Officer.
  • Ensure necessary relief to the public by gathering the heads of state institutions every Wednesday on essential services.

Covid - 19 Disease Control

  •  Summoning essential officers according to a shift method
  • Sterilization of the office entrance and interior
  • Awareness programs for officers using telephone messages, twitter, WhatsApp
  • Establishment of Regional Committees in collaboration with the Hospital, Police, Pradeshiya Sabha, Office of Medical Officer of Health, Agrarian Services Centers and other government institutions
  • Limitation of meetings held for office staff
  • Getting information about families from outside the area (from abroad, visiting and exporting zones) and supervising the MOH office and police
  • Identification of suspected coronavirus infected persons from other areas through the supervision of the officers including the Grama Niladhari.
  • Analyze the behavior of the police and the Health Medical Officer on 14 days before and after the quarantine and monitor the behavior during the 14 days and introduce safe procedures to assist the quarantine.
  • Monitor all Grama Niladhari, Police, Health Medical Officer's office and get information from the police to follow up on false information.Maintaining information network at Grama Niladhari level

News & Events

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